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Why Having Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is Crucial for You?

When you are responsible for managing an older premise, such as workplace, schools or small industrial unit suspected of having an asbestos-containing material (ACM), you are urged to have an AMP. If the property you are responsible for is suspected with fibrous products such as roofing or fencing sheet, having an AMP is crucial.

asbestos management plan bundaberg

An AMP is a scheme used when managing and controlling hazardous materials in a structure, building or in contaminated soil and waste. It helps people with the management and control of a building to avoid any risk of exposure to ACM fibres. It is also needed before you do a renovation or demolition project.

Concerning the AMP, the government of Australia obliges all buildings built in pre-1990 to have an AMP. Non-building structures owner that have asbestos installed must also have a management plan.

The person in charge of the building, or other structure, is required to take appropriate steps to record and label ACMs in a register and notify everybody on the property about the location of ACMs, the consequences of being exposed to materials containing harmful fibres and other proper control measures.

A complete AMP should construct distinct aims, informing what, when and how the work will be done. The plan has to include:

  • ACM register
  • Maintenance details, including:
  • Who will do the work
  • When it was done
  • The capacity of the work
  • How people at risk are notified about the existence of ACMs at the premise, the risks they cause and the control measured employed
  • Decisions about management options and explanation for decisions taken
  • A schedule of the working process that includes some main concerns and time for reviewing risk assessments and particular circumstances that could influence the schedule
  • Arrangement of a monitoring process
  • Responsibilities of people included in the plan
  • Methods of training for contractors and workers
  • Procedure for reassessing and revising the plan, including a schedule and timeline
  • Safe work procedures


What You Must Do

If you are in charge of managing and controlling a workplace or other related structures, you must use a qualified asbestos assessor to audit your workplace and identify any element containing hazardous fibre products or materials.

Audit is not necessary to be done if you have proofs that there are no fibrous materials installed within your workplace. Among the proofs needed could include:

  • If the building was built after the ban of material containing harmful fibres, 31st December 2003
  • If the building was built before the ban but using non-ACM materials, such as metal, concrete or brick and do not use old gyprock, fibro or similar cladding


  • If there are some inaccessible areas such as air conditioning ducts and it is suspected to contain fibrous materials, then you must consider that the fibrous products do exist
  • If the assessor is incapable of identifying materials containing dangerous fibres, but it is believed to contain dangerous fibres, then you must also consider that fibrous materials exist

Tips on How to Get Started on Setting up an AMP

Before you begin to organise a plan, you have to find a competent person or a removalist to engage in fibrous materials survey, audit or visual inspection of the premise as well as collecting some samples from the suspected fibrous products to be tested in a lab.

Who is the Competent Person for Inspection and Testing?

According to WHS regulations, a competent person is someone who has obtained knowledge and skills to perform the jobs through training, experience or have a proper qualification. It may be concluded that the competent person who knows how to identify fibrous materials is:

  • accustomed to building and construction procedures to be able to determine the location of materials containing dangerous fibres
  • capable of determining whether the material is friable or non-friable and examining its condition
  • trained to manage and do sampling, have the information and experience to recognise ACMs and can decide risks and control measures

DIY for testing is possible, but you must have some knowledge on handling fibrous products, so you will not harm yourself. You are also required to have personal protective equipment (PPE). The safety kits, such as mask, gloves and sealed plastic bags are used to minimise the risk of exposure to airborne fibres.

Further steps after the testing, including:

  • Perform a risk assessment after receiving the result to decide management decisions and options
  • Completing a plan that will arrange the details on how to manage the risk of exposure to fibres
  • Implement procedures and control measures to avoid actions that could disturb the ACMs

Is an AMP Needed to be Reviewed?

Yes, it is. To keep your AMP relevant, it needs to be reviewed and updated when:

  • You reassess your ACM register or a control measure
  • Fibrous materials are removed or disturbed, sealed or enclosed at the workplace
  • The scheme is no longer sufficient for handling fibrous products or ACMs in the workplace
  • A representative from the health and safety department asks for a review
  • At least every five years

Moreover, the AMP should be readable. Also, check whether the AMP can be accessed by anyone in the building, worker or safety representative.

Bundaberg asbestos management plan for older building

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