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Watch Out for Asbestos in Your Pool!

Asbestos Testing Bundaberg – Don’t you just love to freshen-up your old pool by getting rid of those cracks, rust or murky water? You must be dying for some quick renovations. But wait! Beware of a dangerous material dabbing at your pool.

Working on swimming pools this summer? Watch out for asbestos

Most people choose to renovate their pool because they believe renovating is cheaper to do. Renovating will transform the look of the old cracked, and rusted pool becomes more stylish.

pool asbestos testing Bundaberg project

The first step taken for renovating is demolition, demolishing old materials, tiles, etc. Next, is amending the shell. This is where the danger begins. If you plan to renovate your pool, do be careful with the asbestos-containing material (ACM) used as the coating for your pool.

Two Dangerous Fibrous Products Hiding in Pools
Marblesheen and Vermiculite are generally applied material for constructing a pool. Both contain some health risks.

1. Marblesheen coating

Have you heard about Marblesheen or Marblelite? It is a decorative coating used to the concrete pool shells surface. Its average thickness is between 5 to 25 mm. The material is mainly composed of white marble chips and white cement.

What is the danger of applying marblesheen coating?

If the coating was applied before 1990, it is likely to have an ACM. If the fibrous product was undisturbed and in good condition, it causes low risk because it is a non-friable type and the fibres are mixed with the cement. But, if the surface of the coating is cracked, broken, and chipped or delaminated, then there might be a hazard.

The common effect of aged Marblesheen pools, including:

  • Worn areas
  • Some hair like cracking
  • Drummy or lifting areas
  • Stains
  • Concrete cancer
  • Major leakage and cracks
  • Algae

If you ignore the above signs, they may cost much money to repair, if they become major ones. Before doing any renovation, repair or maintenance of your pool, asbestos testing should be performed for:

  • Pools coated with Marblesheen before 1990 (all marblesheen pools in this type should be considered to contain fibrous products)
  • Pools constructed before 1990 that could have been resurfaced (the original Marblesheen coating left underneath)

2. Vermiculite Insulation

The ACM was widely used in the construction industry in Australia in between 1945 and 1980. It is widely used for various things including insulation, paint, pipe, cement, roofing sheet, fence, floor tiles and still many more.

The ACM awareness has reminded us that the substance is very dangerous, especially when it is inhaled. It will stay in your lungs and cause life-threatening diseases.

Many pools have been designed by layering vermiculite on the unearthed ground and coating it with a vinyl liner over past few years. By covering using vermiculite, no root, rock or other object that can break through the vinyl.

What is Vermiculite……?

It is a natural mineral substance. The substance is commonly used to control levels of moisture in many residential and industrial applications. For heating, it also provides the best insulation.

Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Project

How to Identify an ACM in a Pool?

You cannot tell only by just looking at it with naked eyes. The only possible way for identifying the fibrous material is only by doing a test. You will need to take the sample to the lab. The sample must be put inside plastic bags with zip lock for safety. The sampling is then analysed by a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) accredited laboratory.

Is Removal Necessary?

You must be wondering, what is so dangerous about vermiculite and Marblesheen? If the contractor uses the recent items mined these days, there will be no harm posed. However, if the company uses the substance that was mined before 1990, there is a risk of being contaminated by fibrous materials.

For Vermiculite mined before 1900, there is likely to contain tremolite. Tremolite is considered to a dangerous form of ACM. It has been employed for commercial products due to its strength, flexibility, and heat-resistance. It also can be spun and woven into cloth.

Because of its ability to isolate and fireproof materials, tremolite was used in different industrial and commercial products. The products contain tremolite including:

If your pool contains vermiculite base or Marblesheen coating, it might have to be removed. You are not recommended to try DIY for vermiculite or Marblesheen removal because of a high risk of some ACM exposures. You are required to wear safety kits during the working process, such as a mask, gloves, coverall, or footwear. Hiring a license-holder contractor is the best option. They have followed training course for removing any fibrous material.

Full removal for Marblesheen is generally necessary if the condition of the coating is extensively deteriorated. Also, if a complete repair for cracks or rust of the pool shell is required, then removing the old surface should be performed.

Any work including asbestos removal or disposal must be done in accordance with the local and national regulations.

Safe Testing

For safe testing of any fibrous product, the best option is to hire a professional assessor. Doing asbestos testing through Asbestos Watch Bundaberg can be one of your best choices. The asbestos testing Bundaberg service performed by our contractors will provide you with an excellent result. The contractors we work with are required to have a certification for handling jobs such as removal and testing.

asbestos testing and sampling Bundaberg

By hiring asbestos testing Bundaberg service to check your pool or any other places in your home for ACMs, you will be assisted all the way through and you will receive a precise result of the test. You will be given a complete report. The report is called ACM register that contains information such as area, method used and type of the fibrous products.

Prior to removal, you will be required to complete a control plan. The control plan will guide the worker through the removing process. For you, the control plan will give a detailed description of the removing process.

Our endorsed contractors have four main services, including:

So, if you need asbestos testing Bundaberg services to solve your problem, you just need to contact our endorsed removal. Prices are guaranteed to be competitive. You can have an early estimation for every service required through three free quotes. Yes, you are entitled to ask for three quotes to our different endorsed removalists for free.

If you need clean, safe and reliable asbestos testing, our contractors are ready to help you. Get the phone and dial the number now.