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If you believe you have asbestos at your premises, contact the Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team to remove it for you.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Asbestos Testing, quick turnaround, written report

To get an accurate asbestos test result, the best option is to hire a professional assessor. Asbestos Watch Bundaberg is the leading choice for asbestos inspection and testing services. By hiring us to check your premises for asbestos, you will be assisted all the way through and you will receive a precise result.

  • We have a licence and certification for handling all types of asbestos testing jobs.
  • The Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team provide quality services at competitive prices to inspect asbestos.
  • Our Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team can deliver a written report to you that contains information such as area, method used and type of the asbestos products found at your premises.
  • We safely dispose of asbestos test samples in accordance with the applicable regulations. The Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will dispose of the waste properly in an EPA-approved facility.

if you suspect the presence of asbestos at your premises, contact the Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team. Prices are guaranteed to be competitive. You can have a free quote ASAP! Get on the phone and dial the number now.

Asbestos in old properties

When you know that you are living in an older residential building, you should maintain awareness regarding the possible existence of asbestos materials within your property. Asbestos may become a potential risk for the health of your family and further contaminate the surrounding environment.

Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry in Australia in between 1945 and 1980. It was widely used for various things including:

  • Insulation
  • Paint
  • Pipe
  • Cement
  • Roofing sheet
  • Fence
  • Floor tiles

If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Bundaberg to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

Asbestos types

Generally, there are two types of asbestos which are friable and non-friable asbestos. Non-friable asbestos is less harmful compared to the friable one. However, DO remember that ALL asbestos material is hazardous. Once it gets weathered it may get brittle and becomes friable. When it gets brittle, it can break and release fibres into the air. That is when the product causes some risks for our health.

What you need to know is that asbestos fibres are small and thin,  much thinner than a human hair. Asbestos fibres need to be closely and carefully examined using a specialised microscopic procedure. Thus, you will need a license-holder removalist to perform such meticulous work.

Our Asbestos Testing Processes

You are advised to hire a competent licensed person who has obtained knowledge and skills to perform asbestos testing jobs competently.

Our Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team are able to identify asbestos and is:

  • accustomed to building and construction procedures to be able to determine the location of materials containing asbestos.
  • capable of determining whether the suspect material is friable or non-friable and examining its condition.
  • trained to manage and collect sampling, have the information and experience to recognise asbestos and can decide risks and control measures if needed.

To identify asbestos, the Asbestos testing Bundaberg Team may perform these processes:

  1. Identify potential asbestos contamination – the Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will check all suspect locations in your property. The locations of asbestos are sometimes in places like rooms with radiator and heating systems, extensive duct work, or areas with traditional wiring circuits.
  2. Prepare for misting – the Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will wear a P2 respirator mask and gloves. We will turn off the ventilation, cooling or heating appliances before we collect the sample. The Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will also lay a plastic sheet on the floor.
  3. Moisten the area – we will wet the suspect material by spraying water repeatedly. Our Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will ensure to minimise the release of asbestos fibres from the suspect material.  
  4. Place sample in a bag – we will put the sample in a 200-micron thick plastic bag. Our Asbestos Testing Bundaberg Team will label the plastic bag with an ID number, the time and date of sample collection.
  5. Send the samples.
  6. Final report – The report will be delivered direct to your email inbox ASAP. The report may include information such as the area, the type and the methods employed to test.

Testing gun for asbestos in Asbestos Watch Bundaberg

When you need reliable asbestos testing services, trust Asbestos Watch Bundaberg. Call now or fill in our quote form to get a free, no-obligation quote for your needs!

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